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  Saturday, August 19th, 2017


  Lucky Labrador Tap Room


Doug Duncan of Doggy Business returns for another lecture, Growls, Grimaces, & Groans: Exploring Fear & Aggression in Dogs.



Doug FeatureWe all know that there are many causes of fearful and aggressive behavior in dogs, and that these behaviors are among the most challenging to work with. This presentation is designed for anyone working with dogs, because these behaviors can happen anywhere, from a dog owner’s living room, to the veterinary practice, the animal shelter, the dog park, and the daycare floor. We’ll explore where these behaviors come from, how to recognize the early signs, and ways of helping dogs feel better about their environment so that they can be managed and changed for the better. 




The suggested donation for this event is $5; your generosity is greatly appreciated!  Click HERE to donate via PayPal, or visit our blog for details.