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Guest blogger Morgan Willhite brings us this delightful Speaker Feature about one of our favorite ACT Alumni, Dr. Christine Fletcher. 

When Christine Fletcher was seven years old she invented the job of “Animal Doctor”. She had always loved animals and knew what a human doctor was, so she decided she wanted to be a doctor for her favorite animals.

Unfortunately, her mother informed her, someone had already thought of that job, and it was called a Veterinarian. Slightly bummed that someone else had thought of it first, but not the slightest bit deterred, Christine decided she would become a veterinarian when she grew up.

Chris Fletcher and Inja

Fast forward a few years and Christine attended UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, focusing on small animal medicine. Her love of science was a natural fit with veterinary medicine, and UC Davis has one of the best veterinary medicine programs in the country. A few years later, the now Dr. Fletcher moved to Portland, where she still resides today. Her father had grown up in the Laurelhurst neighborhood so she was excited to live near his old stomping grounds.

For the past fifteen years Dr. Fletcher has been an associate veterinarian at North Portland Veterinary Hospital, and is now and adjunct instructor at the Veterinary Technology Program at Portland Community College. Dr. Fletcher was a speaker at the first ever Animal Community Talks event in 2013 and has come back to present again every year since then.


In addition to her love of animals and science, Dr. Fletcher is a fantastic writer. She has been an avid reader since an early age, and decided later in life that she wanted to tackle becoming an author as well. She took an evening writing course at PCC and the rest is history. She enjoys writing about anything and everything, though she admits fiction will always have her heart. She has published two fiction books, Tallulah Falls and Ten Cents a Dance

Dr. Fletcher is pictured with her dog, Inja.


"We adopted Inja when she was 12 weeks old from the Oregon Humane Society. She’s 15 now and still going strong! 'Bang' is her favorite and only trick—she loves the reward of belly rubs!"